A free improvisation video of music and dancing 

Maria Koltsida | piano

Penelope Gkika | violin

Yannis Karalis | dancing

Walk in my shoes

“Walk in my shoes” is a short improvisation film by Dimitra Mitsaki, made in the streets of Berlin. Music composed, performed and produced by Maria Koltsida on a 1880 prepared Bluthner piano.

Reverse Mode

Reverse Μode is a genre-defying music project which originated in one of Europe's creative hubs, the city of Berlin. The basic music material comes from the traditional music of South-Eastern Europe, especially Greece. This material is further developed by healthy amounts of free improvisation, extended techniques and live electronics. 

Pinelopi Gkika | Violin

Maria Koltsida | Melodica/Vocals/Bendir/piano

Adam Goodwin | Contrabass

Achilleas Sourlas | T. Sax/Flute

Emilio Gordoa | percussion


video from Gottlieb-Dunkel Festival, March 2014

official website:




Muviek is a project of live music for silent movies .  “At Land” by Maya Deren was performed in “Polutexno”, Corfu, along with two other short films. 

Maria Koltsida | composition,metallophone,vocals,looper

Nikos Antonopoulos | composition,guitar,looper

1 + ∞

“1 + ∞” is a minimalistic musical composition by Penelope Gkika and Maria Koltsida, which was originally composed for the theatrical play “Milch”.

The aim of the piece is to present a musical conversation in which the two instruments, piano and violin, construct a unified sonic environment that gives the impression of a continuously developing story that may never end.

The structure of “1 + ∞” is based on a series of melodic fragments that are repeated and altered throughout the course of the piece, eventually coalescing into a powerful and poignant melodic theme. The performers progress one by one through this series of loops according to their own discretion, as well as interpreting the given material  in an improvisatory fashion which is unique to each performance. As such, the piece could last anywhere from 10 minutes to days, according to the performers’ mood.

The piece has been performed in a variety of different contexts, ranging from theatrical and performative presentations of the work to traditional concert settings.

video | trailer from the performance “1 + ∞”  with video art "InLAND_SPACES" in Kuss Kuss, Berlin


"Philoxenia" is a documentary written, directed and produced by Dagmar Donners, Fabian Pop and Iliriana Banjska.

Music composed, performed and produced by

Maria Koltsida | piano

Kosmas Lambidis | ney

Stavros Roumeliotis | guitar

Don't forget to go home

"Don't forget to go home" is a theatrical play based on the folk tale of "Dead brother's song" written and directed by Dimitra Mitsaki.

Music composed and produced by Maria Koltsida and Penelope Gkika.